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Mr Sanjay Purkayastha


Laparoscopic, General and Bariatric Surgeon

Private Medical Care:

General & gastroenterological surgery
Bariatric / weight loss surgery
Emergency abdominal conditions / surgery




Written by a patient at St Mary's Hospital 16th March 2020

Highly knowledgeable expert who was able to resolve my acute issues as well as provide practical follow on care advice. I would highly recommend Mr Purkayastha, who is a highly respected fellow in his field of expertise. You are in the best hands for sure!

Written by a patient at St Mary's Hospital 3rd March 2020

I had wonderful care from Mr Purkayastha. He really listens and has great empathy. I recovered very well from my Surgery and I feel privileged to have been treated by him.

Written by a patient at St Mary's Hospital 3rd March 2020

I found Sanjay Purkayastha to be an extremely helpful and professional doctor/surgeon. I very much appreciated the care and attention that he provided. I was impressed with his knowledge and appreciated the follow up appointment. In a world where many patients become almost lost in the out patient system, it was refreshing to find a doctor who puts patients first no matter how busy they are. Well done Mr Purkayastha for helping to making NHS the best health service in the world.

Written by a patient at St Mary's Hospital 13th February 2020

Dr. Purkayastha is an amazing doctor! He takes time to explain your condition and the treatment to you. He listens to your and your loved one's concerns and comforts you and your loved one's.

Written by a patient at St Mary's Hospital 28th January 2020

To whom may concern my name is Mr. Bekim Maliqi I have done my surgery(bariatric bypass)on 01.03.2019 by Mr. Sanjay Purkayastha, on that day my weight was 148 kg nearly I have lost my life my sugar level was too high my blood pressure too high my celastrol to high could not walk and do any physical activities overall approaching death slowly.

Today after 10 months of my surgery I got 90kg my sugar level is perfect follow by my blood pressure and celastrol and all this is thanks to Mr. Sanjay Purkayastha who have saved my life and gift me with a lot of happiness something which I and my family will remember for rest of my life there is not such a big thank you to say to this man, there are no words I can write about Mr. Sanjay Purkayastha, who has shown his professionalism from very first second of my surgery until now overall once again thank you very much for giving me a second life. With all respect Bekim Maliqi and family.

13th December 2019 Written by a patient at St Mary's Hospital

Very warm welcome, great attention to what the patient has to say. Very open with medical assessment and ready to discuss the patient's condition and its details which helps the patient make a learned decision.

I saw Mr Purkayastha twice and felt comfortable and safe under his care. I trust his judgement and recommendations.

22nd November 2019 Written by a patient at St Mary's Hospital

Sanjay is a wonderful Doctor. He was very professional and very kind. He took the time to talk me through the procedure I was having and answered all my questions very patiently. I am not a fan of going to the Doctors or the Hospital, however Sanjay put me totally at ease.

I couldn't be happier with the care and support I received from him and would highly recommend him.

His PA Marcela was so lovely and kind and she added to the overall experience of the great support I received. They make a great team!

21st November 2019 Written by a patient at St Mary's Hospital

Very effective communicator and delivered as promised

20th November 2019 Written by a patient at St Mary's Hospital

I was an extremely nervous patient and reluctant to have a general anesthetic. Sanjay was absolutely first class. His caring manner, ability to explain things in a simple and calming fashion due to his obvious experience was brilliant.

18th October 2019 Written by a patient at St Mary's Hospital

Mr Purkayaastha is a gentleman of a doctor. He has been extremely kind and considerate to me as a patient. He was honest in his assessment of my health needs and carried out my surgery diligently.

He is extremely approachable and makes a real effort to explain to his patents what is happening and why - even if he has to repeat himself/explain things a few times.

The detail in his follow-up care is great and he makes you feel very comfortable as a patient. He possesses a wealth of knowledge, professional skills and is a really affable practitioner.

18th October 2019 Written by a patient at St Mary's Hospital

Mr Purkayaastha is a gentleman of a doctor. He has been extremely kind and considerate to me as a patient. He was honest in his assessment of my health needs and carried out my surgery diligently.

He is extremely approachable and makes a real effort to explain to his patents what is happening and why - even if he has to repeat himself/explain things a few times.

The detail in his follow-up care is great and he makes you feel very comfortable as a patient. He possesses a wealth of knowledge, professional skills and is a really affable practitioner.

20th August 2019 Written by a patient at St Mary's Hospital

Mr Purkayastha has been exceptionally kind and skilled in managing and curing my recent illness. He has explained every stage and issue and arranged concurrent investigations and consultations to ensure my on-going health. He has also been very aware and empathetic of the issues affecting my home life. I have felt truly cared for throughout my time under his care and I could not ask for anything more or better.

His personal assistant, Marcela has also been extremely kind and efficient.

15th August 2019 Written by a patient at St Mary's Hospital

What an incredible man! I approached mr purkayastha as the NHS was not prepared to help in view of the risks.

On first meeting Mr Purkayastha was already fully conversant with my complex medical history, explained why the NHS practitioners had been reluctant to help but he felt there were some risk mitigation actions and was prepared to go ahead provided no reason not to was highlighted by his key multi disciplinary team..

He was extremely thorough, personable, explained things very clearly, was assertive where necessary, took total control of my care throughout the process and came up with creative workaround where My body made things more challenging.

He took personal responsibility fir my well being at huge expense to himself, walking me like a hawk post operative my when I wasn’t behaving as expected.

I cannot thank mr purkayastha for listening to Me, being prepared to take me on and making such a big difference to my life quality. My family and I had total trust in him and are eternally grateful!

10th July 2019 Written by a patient at St Mary's Hospital

Mr Purkayastha has been respectful and sensitive in the manner he addresses me, I feel like an individual who is able to actively participate in the care and that has been provided. I applaud the whole department including the reception staff, nurses and Dieticans . I am truly grateful.

28th May 2019 Written by a patient at St Mary's Hospital

After emergency life changing operation Mr Purkayastha was the surgeon who carried out the operation. I woke up to minimal of scarring and alive. Mr Purkayastha took the time out of busy schedule to talk to my family and explain and reassure them all of what had happened and the surgery undertaken and the implementations of what will happen next when this could of easily be passed to someone else. When I went back for my follow up I was meet quickly and was recognised immediately which was very reassuring, by the Mr Purkayastha which makes me fill very reassured with the care I am getting and I'm not a faceless name on a list. In my after care which was very professional and set my mind at ease as Mr Purkayastha explained everything in detail and in layman terms which I could understand. This is what makes the NHS great doctors like this. Nothing but praise for him and his team Thank you

15th May 2019 Written by a patient at St Mary's Hospital

I highly recommend Dr Purkayastha. He operated on me with very short notice due to an emergency issue with my appendix and made me feel very calm and well looked after throughout. I am very grateful to Dr. Purkayastha's professional yet kind approach and have no hesitation in recommending him and his staff to others.

15th May 2019 Written by a patient at St Mary's Hospital

A few years ago, I was taken in an ambulance to St Mary's suffering from severe abdominal cramps which turned out to be an intestinal obstruction.

Prof Hana and Sanjay Purkayastha were on duty that day. They saved my life....

The bowel had become ischemic...and they carried out a very successful resection. I have no doubt in my mind that if not for them and their level of competence, the situation would have been fatal.

Sanjay is thoroughly professional, kind, capable and helpful. A total gentleman too.

2nd May 2017 - Written by a patient at St Mary's Hospital

After many years of weight problems along with other medical problems I was offered and subsequently elected to have a mini gastric bypass surgical procedure, this took place in June 2016, my surgeon Mr Sanjay Purkayastha was fantastic. From day one at my initial consultation, he explained all the different types of procedure in full, I had already taken time to research these and had made my preferred choice before seeing him. He totally agreed with my choice and an appointment was made for my surgery. He is a caring, understanding man, who I immediately trusted, he is experienced in this field and would highly recommend him. I am now in my 10th month post-surgery and have just had my first check up with him. He was extremely pleased with my progress, I have lost some 46kg ( approx. 7.5 stone), it hasn't been that easy and I had some difficulties at first, but the Bariatric team at St. Mary's Hospital is second to none and together we have got through them. For anyone who reads this, if you are thinking of having this procedure, take it from me, it was the best decision I have ever made.

9th December 2016 - Written by a patient at St Mary's Hospital

By the excellent care and organisation of his staff, Mr. Purkayastha saved my life. His expertise as a surgeon is not to be dismissed. My case was difficult, and required agile thinking in order to manage my case. He ensured that I was always informed, even when the news wasn't welcome as my case took time to resolve.

His constant attention, appropriate confidence, and attentive listening helped me keep my confidence in the team and strength as I struggled through a long illness.

In addition, I admire the ability of Mr. Purkayastha to manage a large team of medical students with appropriate focus on their education and my care always attending to my privacy and comfort.

Mr. Purkayastha has a humbleness about his manner which is rare in a surgeon. This sets him apart and he should be encouraged to continue to teach his treatment philosophy to his students.

30th November 2016 - Written by a patient at St Mary's Hospital

Dr. Sanjay is very helpful, understanding to the patient. He listens patiently the patients' complaints of their health & sicknesses.Give complete sympathetic replies on all medical aspects. Plus very simple in understanding him.Absolutely co-operative and give full moral support to the patient before going for operation.

He has done surgery for me for Incissisonal Hernia very well and after care in the hospital was done very properly & with complete satisfaction. Also with complete monitoring by on duty team of doctors. Full moral support given to recover through out the stay in the hospital.

I will always and totally recommend him for the future operations to patients, St. Mary;s hospital should take pride to have such surgeons in their medical team of operations. Hospital gets tremendous respect from the people who come across for hospital treatments. I earnest wish the Surgeon doctor Mr. Sanjay Puryakastha and his team best of luck in their future operations at the hospital. Thank you St. Mary's hospital to have such wonderful team of doctors.

With my Kind & Warmest Regards to the staff and team of Doctors of this St. Mary's Hospital.

11th October 2016 - Written by a patient at St Mary's Hospital

I'm so very happy that I met a doctor/ surgeon Dr Sanjay Purkayastha who believed in me. As my first surgeon dismissed me after performing my baractric sleeve. Dr Purkayastha could see my woes of having mobility issues he backed me. So last August 2015 he preformed revisional baractric surgery to the Mini Bypass. Which at today appointment has been a great success. I have lost 30% of my weight which my surgeon said was exceptional. So I would recommend Dr Sanjay Purkayastha to anyone who wants Baractric Surgery his your man.

7th June 2016 - Written by a patient at St Mary's Hospital

Dr. Sanjay Purkayastha is a highly intelligent man with incredible experience. He is very patient and he is always very attentive and reassuring. His attention to detail is unbelievable, and he is good.

15th January 2016 - Written by a patient

All I can say in a nutshell is this wonderful man should be given a knighthood! He is over and above the best in every area and I feel so very lucky to have had him as my surgeon! Thank you so much!

8th January 2016 - Written by a patient

Sanjay was amazing and so wise. I had an umbilical hernia at 28 weeks pregnant that required an operation under general anaesthetic which was extremely alarming. If it hadn't been for his incredible competency it would have been a different story. My husband and I trusted him implicitly and would recommend him highly. He is a really warm and personable man with the perfect manner for his job. Top doctor.

24th December 2015 - Written by a patient

I was allocated to Mr Purkayastha's Team at St Mary's Hospital for a repeat right inguinal hernia. The registrars in Mr Purkayastha's Team who saw me were clear in their explanations, patient in the responses to my questions about need for laparoscopic surgery as I had already had an open-cut operation on the same side for the same problem. On the advice of my GP I wrote to Mr Purkayastha to request that I be put on his list and I got a prompt positive response. He conducted the operation and I have had no problems since [2 months]. He monitored my discharge on the day and saw me 2 months later to check for any complications and thankfully there were none. I have no hesitation in recommending Mr Purkayastha and I would also like to add that I received excellent care at NHS / St Mary's Hospital - Paterson Wing.

17th November 2015 - Written by a patient

I met Mr. Purkayastha for the first time during my pre-surgery consultation. He explained very clearly what was due to happen, listened to my comments and answered all my questions. I left the consultation feeling confident that I was in good hands. A few days later, I went in for my surgery. I had a few questions which were answered prior to the operation. Although I realise he had other procedures to carry out that day, he never left me feeling that I was intruding on his time. Everything was very relaxed, yet professional and efficient. Post-op, he visited the ward and again, although with junior members of staff, he took time to put me at my ease and answer questions. I would summarise Mr. Purkayastha as professional , understanding and someone who listens.

26th August 2015 - Written by a patient

I saw Mr. Purkayastha after I was told by a member of his team at St. Mary's Hospital that I had a Spigelian Hernia. From the start he was absolutely charming. He explained at great length my condition and all my options. I found him to be extremely patient, knowledgeable, answered all my questions, drew a diagram and went through each step that needed to be taken , in a most clear, understandable and professional way. I felt that he was totally in control and that I was in good hands. The day of the operation he was very reassuring and even at that time he was happy to answer any question, so I was calm and relaxed. I am pleased to say that all went very well and equally the follow up care. I was very lucky to have been under the care of Mr. Purkayastha and can only highly recommend him as he is a great surgeon. I thank him and wish him all the very best.

15th August 2015 - Deimante

I had a gallbladder and appendix removed laparoscopically in July. I received amazing care from the start to finish at St.Mary's Hospital, Lindo Wing. Mr. Sanjay Purkayastha is a compassionate, caring, dedicated, experienced surgeon who is always prepared to go the extra mile to ensure that the patient receives the best care. He took great care in explaining in detail both procedures and the associated risks and answered all my questions. I am very pleased with the results and am very greatful to Mr. Purkayastha and his team for looking after me so well. THANK YOU. I would highly recommend Mr. Purkayastha services and once again thank you for your wonderfully skilled hands. Deimante.

7th August 2015 - Member of Staff

I am a Sixth Form student, aspiring to pursue a career in medicine at university. Last February I was accepted into a work experience scheme at St Mary's Hospital, under Mr Purkayastha's wings and it was an unforgeattable and very inspiring time for me. I was absolutely impressed by Mr Purkayastha's knowlege, skills and above all a very kind and professional approach to his patients. He is a great team leader and watching him perform operations only reinforced my desire to go into this challenging, but also rewarding profession. I would definitely recommend Mr Purkayastha to all patients, he is a truly great doctor and a trustworthy person and he will definitely remain my role model for the future.

5th August 2015 - David Cardwell

Mr. Purkayastha operated on me for an inguinal hernia. This would normally be a fairly straightforward operation. However, there were some complicating factors being; a.I had several major operations in earlier years leaving a substantial amount of scar issue, and b. a history of smoking and a tendency to have fairly severe chest infections on a regular basis. Mr. Purkayastha talked me through the various options and answered all my questions in a straightforward manner. At all times he was available to answer any additional queries and also ensured following the operation that I knew the potential problems that could occur if I did not follow his advice. I would recommend him to any patient. David Cardwell.

24th July 2015 - Written by a patient

Mr. Purkayastha played a vital role in assisting Mr. Ahmed Ahmed with my gastric bypass in 2011 and subsequently assisting Mr. Naggy Matar in saving my life in 2013. Mr. Purkayastha is an extremely talented surgeon, who is very approachable, compassionate, empathetic and appears to be very passionate about delivering fantastic patient care. I have had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Purkayastha on a few occasions and he always presents as professional, warm, approachable, humble and patient focused.

14th July 2015 - Written by a patient

I was recently admitted with a quite nasty case of appendicitis and was fortunate enough that a great Doctor recommended that I was seen by Sanjay Purkayastha, for which I am very grateful. Sanjay was brilliant, under some very testing circumstances and showed empathy, understanding and, above all, expertise and knowledge. I felt in very safe hands and my surgery went very well; I was at home within two days and back at work within four and I only have a three tiny scars to show from the operation… incredible.

11th May 2016 - Written by a patient

Dr Purkayastha and his team provided excellent care during my operation and I would like to express my gratitude and I wish him great success..

24th March 2016 - Written by a patient

I don't live in Uk but I came 9 months ago due to an unsuccessful operation that lead to many complications out of which is large abdominal hernia.

I went first to one of the well known hernia centres in London but they said i would need a combined surgery (open and laparoscopic) approach and they were not able to accept my case due to the complixity of the hernia. I have been then refered to Mr. Purkayastha at the St. Marrys hospital Lindo wing.

At first, Mr Purkayastha was a great listener and he went thoroughly into the cercomestances. After having good understanding about my case he spent good time with me explaining what went wrong and how he is is going to fix it. He took me through the details of how he is going to deal with the surgery in a simplified manner. He has also explained to me about other cases he treated that are more complicated than my case.

For me, after going through a bad surgery in the past it was very important to me to gain confidence again. And to do so, I had to have enough time understanding every aspect of the treatment. And I also had several second opinions that supported his approach.

Finally, At the day of surgery Mr. Purkayastha explained to me again what he is going to do. And my operation have lasted for about 4 hours. The operation was successful and I left hospital after 3 days.post operation it was very important stage and to me as important as the operation. Mr. Purkayastha was always available to respond to my needs promptly.

I saw him last week for elective follow up and as always Mr. Purkayastha is pushing me hard for a better healthy living.

I really can't thank Mr. Purkayastha enough. I really appreciate the care I have recieved from every one in his team. His team members are so caring namely his PA and the staff at the Lindo wing.

Thank you once again Mr. Purkayastha.

11th March 2016 - Written by a patient

Very patient, efficient and helpful. Excellent experience with my appendix surgery and now fully recovered.

8th March 2016 - Written by a patient

Mr Purkayastha adopts a careful and measured approach to the evaluation of his patients for surgery. The surgery itself was, in my case, done to a very high standard. He is a consummately professional doctor. I wish I could say the same for the practical organisation of scheduling by other NHS agents, who were not under Mr Purkayastha's control. Overall, I rate his treatment of me very highly.

4th February 2016 - Written by a patient

From my first consultation with Mr. Purkayastha I was filled with confidence. He's extremely professional, highly personable and totally reassuring. He explained everything with utmost clarity and listened to any and all of my concerns. Mr. Purkayastha repaired two hernias for me and I could not have asked for a better experience. The wounds are barely visible (even after just ten days) and post op discomfort is minimal. Both Mr. Purkayastha and his excellent secretary ensured the whole process was straightforward with as little anxiety as possible.

I simply cannot recommend Sanjay Purkayastha highly enough.

Paul Evans

4th February 2016 - Written by a patient

Sanjay was kind (to my wishes as well as my mums questions), knowledgeable and spoke to me in a language that I would understand.

I came in for possible appendicitis - Sanjay made it easy to understand the condition, the possibilities and the way forward. For someone who is not a big of fan of hospitals, this was a big help!

30th September 2015 - Written by a patient

Mr. Purkayastha saved my life. I was rushed to A&E with internal bleeding from an unknown source with confusing symptoms. Mr. Purkayastha and his team were highly professional and deeply personal at the same time, caring for me both medically and emotionally. Mr. Purkayastha performed an emergency surgery to repair a hemorrhage that nearly killed me. Not only did Mr. Purkayastha care for me, he also cared for my friends who were with me and family far away during a very traumatic time. After the surgery while I was in hospital, Mr. Purkayastha was very attentive, honest and available for questions and concerns. I felt confident in his care. My family, loved ones and I will be forever grateful to Mr. Purkayastha and his team for saving my life.

2nd July 2015 - Written by a patient

Mr Purkayastha is an amazing surgeon (I had a Gastric Sleeve). He was completely understanding and showed compassion throughout my surgery. I am in no doubt that he saved my life. He listened to my concerns and provided me with honest answers (no beating around the bush or sugar coating). The care he showed was impeccable and even come to check on me several times after surgery although this wasn't expected (or needed). He is a wonderful man, amazing surgeon, who has saved my life. I will forever be grateful to him! I highly recommend Mr Purkayastha for surgery!

29th June 2015 - Written by a patient

Sanjay practically saved my life and that of my unborn baby! I am so grateful to him for getting me through one of the toughest experiences I have been through. At 32 weeks pregnant I had excruciating right sided abdominal pain - everyone else said that it was a UTI and insisted on antibiotics and conservative management. However, Sanjay knew instantly that it was something more serious and sent me for further tests which confirmed acute appendicitis and a ruptured diverticulum - both dangerous to me and of course my baby due to the risk of spreading infection. He made sure that I had immediate surgery and removed the appendix and infection. Luckily my baby did not have to be delivered early which was a relief. Post-operatively it took me a while to recover due to the pregnancy and the limited amount of medications I could take. However, Sanjay was very reassuring and attentive to enable me to get through it all whilst I was in hospital and even after discharge. He is a real expert in his field but also very down to earth and easy to talk to which makes him very approachable. I would highly recommend him to any patient in the future. Thank you for looking after me so well!

15th May 2015 - Written by a patient

After suffering many years of digestive problems and chest infections I was finally referred to St Mary Hospital where I was fortunate enough to be under the care of Sanjay Purkayastha . He listened to me, sent me for several test, also referred me to Dr Kon's Chest Clinic. When all results were finally in Mr Purkayastha said he could help me. I was lucky enough not to to have to wait to long for my surgery...which was a Nissen fundoplication. I am now 3 weeks post op and feel I have been given a new lease of life!. The care and understanding I received from Mr Purkayastha and his team was amazing, I can not thank him enough. He is not only a brilliant surgeon but also a very kind and caring man.

13th March 2015 - Written by a patient

I have been in the care of Sanjay for about 7 months and after another admission to hospital he decided to carry out an elective operation on me. He warned me that I had a less than 50% chance that he would be able to perform the operation by keyhole, but because of his great skill and ability he succeeded in doing this. Throughout my recovery, which has been swift, he has been superb. He never seems in a rush and has time to explain everything in detail. I particularly like his attitude towards recovery which is to get up and get dressed and get back to normal living as soon as possible. His team around him are also excellent and caring. I cannot recommend him highly enough.

5th March 2015 - Written by a patient

THANK YOU to Mr Sanjay Purkayastha for the Gastric Bypass surgery he did for me in January 2014. I am 52 years old and a year out I have never felt so well having now lost 5stone/70lb bringing me from 17stone down to 12stone at present. I was diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome at 21 years old and have struggled with ever increasing weight gain my whole adult life and for the last 10 years before your surgery I was living on the Cambridge Diet to just maintain my weight. My problems would only have got worse as I got older. Naturally the surgery has decreased my portion sizes, but I have also lost all cravings, it is amazing. I was the last patient of the day, as he rightly thought I would have adhesions after having a total hysterectomy in 2004. He also thought that the gastric bypass may not be possible because of this and a sleeve may be the only option for me. However, although he told me that I gave him “a good work out”, the skills he possesses meant that my operation was very successful and the pain I had endured when moving/twisting quickly or sneezing for the last 10 years following my hysterectomy has gone. I no longer have high blood pressure and although I am insulin resistant due to my PCOS, I am unlikely now, to develop diabetes, where before the surgery it was just a matter of time I have far fewer migraines I can sit, walk, stand with no back or leg pain I can play on the floor with my 3 yr old granddaughter and I now fit in her playhouse I climb stairs with no problem Put my own shoes on Walk around tourist attractions without having to sit down Buy lovely clothes and shoes from all stores I can attend my daughter’s Zumba Class (she is an instructor) and for the first time in my life I did a sponsored walk for Macmillan Cancer support – it was only 2k, but I would not have even considered it before. The list of pros is probably endless. I have had and am still getting no end of compliments and praise, but this is all down to Mr Purkayastha, his skill and the great work that he and his team do. My surgery has been a complete success and I have suffered no pain, sickness or any other problems related to weight loss surgery and that is all down to him and I cannot thank him enough. He does a fantastic job, so I hope he can keep up the great work of transforming lives for many others Although not an easy decision to make and I had to persuade my family to let me go ahead, it is the best one I have ever made and I wish I had had the courage to do it earlier. My family and friends have been amazing with the amount of support they have given me. I have never had any negative comments from anyone. I have found that people are very interested in the procedure and ask lots of questions, which I am more than happy to answer. I consider myself extremely lucky to have been given this opportunity. It has been life changing and extremely positive in all areas of my life. I would encourage anyone with obesity issues to seriously consider doing it also.

16th February 2015 - Written by a patient

I just had a inguinal hernia repair (TAPP) and I was recommended to Dr. Sanjay by my GP. I felt very assured from my first consultation. Operation was easy, no complications and a speedy recovery. I did not need to take painkillers after a couple of days after operation. I had a open hernia operation in 2007 and that was a completely different recovery- Keyhole is easy and the recovery is fast. The whole team was absolutely fantastic and checking into Lindo wing was like going to a SPA. Thank you Sanjay and team!



Please note, most insurance policies in the UK do not cover weight-loss surgery. However, we will do our utmost to provide the best package for you should you choose to have your surgery with us.