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Mr Sanjay Purkayastha


Laparoscopic, General and Bariatric Surgeon

Private Medical Care:

General & gastroenterological surgery
Bariatric / weight loss surgery
Emergency abdominal conditions / surgery

Symptoms after surgery that should prompt medical advice or assessment

If you have any of the symptoms listed below:

  • Severe abdominal pain

  • Severe pain at the site of surgery

  • High fevers (above 37.8 degrees centigrade)

  • Persistent vomiting

  • A significant wound problem or signs of infection

  • Calf pain and or swelling

  • Persistent significant shortness of breath (especially if breathing is painful)

  • Severe chest pain

please contact our team or the ward that you were discharged from. Failing that please contact your GP or if symptoms are severe please come to accident and emergency at St. Mary’s Hospital, London, W2 1NY.

Please note, most insurance policies in the UK do not cover weight-loss surgery. However, we will do our utmost to provide the best package for you should you choose to have your surgery with us.